How to buy and/or sell a small business for maximum profit:a step-by-step guide


作者:by René V. Richards


出版社:Atlantic Publishing Group, Inc.

出版地:Ocala, Fla.


ISBN:978-1-60138-933-6 ; 1-60138-933-7

One of the most challenging and rewarding steps that an individual can take towards fulfilling the dream of financial and creative freedom is to start, buy, or operate their own business. The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step, but that first step can be an overwhelming challenge without the knowledge you need to complete the journey. Business ownership is one of those tremendously rewarding, yet often overwhelming journeys. Locating the information you will need to make the journey a success is often quite difficult and time consuming. This book provides the reader with the information necessary to take an idea from conception to completion in a successful and self-satisfying journey.

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